The augmented reality world of Pokémon Go: all well and good when you need a little escapism, roaming around, looking for Pokémon through the prism of our smartphones. Ah, but sometimes we crave the tactile affection of a knitted character, the kind Harry Hill would go mad for.

Readers, Pokéfanatics, lovers of a good knitted character – you are in luck. It seems some altruistic tyke has taken to leaving real-life “Pokémon crochet toys near Pokéstops.” We live in a mad, bad world, but let’s take this as evidence that there is hope for us all yet.

A Dallas-based fan behind the Facebook page Nichole's Nerdy Knots has taken credit for the knits, which have brought her a great deal attention on Reddit – and justifiably so. Like, just look at this adorable Oddish.

Imagine Nichole, excitedly finishing up her knitted Snorlax, and scampering around Dallas looking for a tree trunk to tuck it into.

Yeah, sometimes it feels like life’s OK, thanks to the Nicholes and the knitted Pokéknits of this world. If you’re Dallas-based, keep ‘em peeled and let us know if you pick up one of her nerdy knots.

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