In Two Months You WILL Love Crazy Arm

Plymouth: Rock City. Well, not really, despite having spawned the legendary – and much missed – No Comply it’s hardly known for being a hotbed of musical talent. Crazy Arm are from there, and is it any coincidence they feature two ex-members of the ’Comply? Well, perhaps not, because I’m just assuming the Plymouth scene is just as incestuous as every other local scene, but anyway – watch them play ‘Still To Keep’ now, below.

How good is that song? Answer: very.

They’ve been knocking around for a while but still haven’t released their stunning debut, ‘Broken By The Wheel’. Luckily, those fine folks at Xtra Mile (home to the awesome Frank Turner, among others) saw fit to put the record out, and it’ll be landing on your doormats (because, y’know, you’ll all buy it because it’s AWESOME) in late May.

It’s like a weird southern-fried, desert-punk’n’roll mix, almost as if Josh Homme wanted QOTSA to be a cowboy band. They handle the political angle sensitively without being preachy, and combine the melodic drive of The Lawrence Arms with the rootsy, folky edge of early (ie good) Against Me!, and just kill it live.

Obviously, I’m still looking for all the best local bands from your scene to write about and give some NFTU love to, so please reply below and tell me who you’d like to see covered on here.