Internet Gold - The Poke's Top 10 Music Videos

Over on Poke mountain, we pan the video stream every day, sifting through all the sand and donkey shit for nuggets of internet gold. So every week we'll be bringing NME readers a choice selection. We’ve been collecting parodies, mash-ups, DIY geniuses and low-rent rappers for the last two years: here's an initial selection of some our favourite musical offerings hand-picked just for you…

[subhead number="1"]Sad But Superstitious[/subhead]
Stevie Wonder vs Metallica Mashup by Wax Audio.

[subhead number="2"]Meet MC Dave[/subhead]
He’s spraying lyricz like nitrous oxide, cheese and cocaine — nothing is out of reach of his lyrical skillz.

[subhead number="3"]Bad lip reading James Blunt[/subhead]
James Blunt’s 'You’re Beautiful', improved.

[subhead number="4"]Who the f*ck builds a Stonehenge[/subhead]
There’s a question Norweigian comedian Vegard Ylvisåker can’t get out of his head… so he made a rock anthem about it.

[subhead number="5"]Drop It Like It's Benny Hill[/subhead]
A British comedy treasure and Snoop Dogg – together at last.

[subhead number="6"]Two blokes singing in a van[/subhead]
Just a normal day at work. Wait for the drop at 0.45.

[subhead number="7"]Flula in Germany[/subhead]
Flula Borg is a musician from Erlangen in Germany - here's one of his first videos.

[subhead number="8"]Meanwhile in Moscow[/subhead]
The ultimate bandwagon.

[subhead number="9"]North Korea Party Rock Anthem[/subhead]
Ain’t no party like a Pyongyang party

[subhead number="10"]‘Skeletons Having Sex on a Tin Roof’[/subhead]
From Orphic Oxtra’s album Kebab Diskó - entirely normal stuff.

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