It’s A Conspiracy

The JB Conspiracy have been around for quite a while – plugging away around the country with their frantic ska-punk-reggae insanity and supporting a who’s-who of the punk rock community. And providing excellent value, at that.

Check out the above video of ‘Pipe Down’ – and if you don’t want to shake a leg even while sitting at your desk, you’d better check your pulse.

They used to be called Duff Muffin, and released one of the best DIY UK ska-punk EPs of the last five years back in 2004, Eagle Eyes on Do The Dog. DTD are one of the most reliable and finest UK labels in the entirety of the punk rock underground: chuck a rock at their back catalogue and you’ll hit something worth investigating.

But anyway – JB are regular tourbuddies of Sonic Boom Six and ‘This Machine’, released a while ago but still sounding fresher than tomorrow morning, stands up as a solid collection of songs written with an eye for a pop melody and an instinct for knowing exactly when to kick in and make people dance like loons. And no breakneck speed demons they: blessed with the ability to change pace in half a breath, they’re the collective daddios of flipping from languid half-time reggae riddims into frenetic circle pit-inducing madness.

What’s more – and perhaps something that’s commonly overlooked – they’re fun. So go see them, probably playing a fleapit near you tomorrow night.