Old train stations, strip-light convenience stores, off-brand packets of Monster Munch, nice circular baths. We’re talking, of course, about the films that defined our childhoods, the Star Wars hexalogy.

No? Well, that's what's in the music video for ‘Lightsaber’, the latest single from Exo, a hugely successful Chinese/South Korean boyband with 12 members. In many ways they’re the Blazin’ Squad of 2015. Anyway, the clip is apparently an ‘official collaboration’ with Star Wars.

To be honest, we were expecting it to be more… Star Wars-y. Like, the song's good, the video's enjoyable enough and, yeah, there’s a lightsaber, a poster in a pool hall warning that “Concealed lightsabers are prohibited” and another that says “Jedis Only” – but that’s about it.

The Force is only moderately strong with this one. Even Darth Vader sighs at the start, knowing he’ll probably have to sit through the whole thing because it’s ‘work-related’.

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