Kasabian’s Tom Meighan Revisits Their Debut Album, 10 Years Later

Capping a summer that saw them headline Glastonbury and stage their own giant Heaton Park style hometown show in Leicester’s Victoria Park, Kasabian are to mark the tenth anniversary of their self-titled debut album by playing the record in full tonight (September 5) at London’s Camden Roundhouse. Frontman Tom Meighan casts his mind back to 2004 and the album’s writing…

“It’s a special thing for a special album we’re doing at the Roundhouse. When we made ‘Kasabian’ we were much the same people we are today. I’ve got a few more fucking grey hairs now. I can’t stay up all night like I used to. I’m not as gangly I was back then, but all that aside, I like to think we’re pretty much the same lot. It’s a really sweet album, with some fucking huge tunes on there: songs that have never left the set since we wrote ’em, even as we’ve grown as a band and evolved to what we are now, a huge testament to how good they are. They’re the ones we’ll have no troubles playing at the Roundhouse: ‘Club Foot’, ‘Processed Beats’, ‘LSF’, all those. The ones we’ve had to go and relearn, they’ll be a bit trickier but we’re up for the challenge. We want to recreate that record exactly as it was. Every little sound, like you’re popping it in your CD player for the first time again. It’s going to be fucking out of this world.


I heard those comments from Kele Okereke from Bloc Party this week, saying that nostalgia trips, returning to old albums to play them from start to finish, that that’s cringey. Fair enough, I know where he’s coming from. But we’re not taking the album on tour – this is one date, a one-night-only thing that’ll be etched into everyone’s memories in that place who loved that record forever. There’s a difference between that and rolling an old album out on tour, really milking its anniversary, you know? There’s also a difference in a band who hasn’t done anything relevent in seven or eight years doing it, and us. That can look bad, like they’re retreating to an old sound because they can’t better it. 10 years on from ‘Kasabian’, we’re still getting better and better and bigger and bigger. Glastonbury. Victoria Park. They were big fucking events, man, the biggest we’ve ever done. We’re still evolving. So we’ve earned the opportunity. We’ve spent a decade pushing ourselves and our sound forward, so we’re allowed one night to look back. We’ve earned it. And anyways, we’re playing the debut, going off, then coming back to do a set of our newer stuff – it’s like we’re our own support band.


The best song from that record? Still probably ‘Club Foot’. It gets the ball rolling on the album, and it got the ball rolling for us as a band too – that was the moment it started to seriously blow up for us. It’s gonna be a great night that puts in perspective for us all our achievements. Since that record, we’ve travelled the world, seen things we thought we’d never see, gained a lot of friends and lost a few along the way too, sadly. Fans are gonna love it. We will too.”