Katy Perry’s L.A. Fashion Show (Or, I Dressed Like A Girl And I Liked It)

Los Angeles is a notoriously casual city. People wear jeans pretty much everywhere, except to maybe the Academy Awards. This personally annoys me, since my motto in life is: “When in doubt, overdress.” Hence why I often frustratingly find myself at a gig all gussied up like a Vegas showgirl in sequins and hotpants, while everyone else around me is in Juicy tracksuits or T-shirts and flip-flops. Where’s the fun in that? A concert should be an EVENT! Something you clean up nice for! An excuse to wear red lippy and the highest heels imaginable!

That is why I was so pleased by the fashion parade at last Saturday’s Wiltern show by one of pop’s newest fierce fashionistas, local girl Katy Perry. It was by far the girliest L.A. crowd I’d seen in ages, with all the female concertgoers (and some of the male ones) done up in ribbons and bows and sugar and spice and everything nice. And it was the perfect occasion for me to un-mothball my favorite Perry-esque ’40s onesie:

And Little Boots–in town for a couple of shows at Cinespace and Spaceland this week–was looking like quite the stunner herself, in this film-noir-bombshell gown and smart veiled hat:

Here are some other style stars I spotted in the Wiltern lobby, mostly high-schoolers all Claire’s-accessorized to the hilt like it was prom night:

But no one, and I mean no one, was rocking the girly couture more rockingly than the evening’s prom queen herself, Katy Perry. The One Of The Boys diva looked very much like one of the girls, starting off the night in a retina-scaldingly flashy sequined rollerskating dress, the ideal ensemble for this anecdote about tweenhood couple-skate dates during her California upbringing…

…and it was also the perfect special-occasion outfit for a woman returning to her hometown to play a massive Wiltern show and attend the Grammys as a first-time nominee…

And then Katy swapped her classy silver sheath for a Josie & The Pussycats-worthy neoprene catsuit, in which she expertly slithered during her unstoppable cover of Queen‘s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and finale of “I Kissed A Girl” (the latter of which came complete with the ultimate fashion accessory: a giant, phallic lipstick tube). Meow!

So thank you, Katy. Thank you for inspiring L.A.’s music fans to ditch the Uggs and ratty cutoffs, if only for just one fabulous, fashionable night.