Kevin Parker Took Our Tame Impala Quiz And Guess What Score He Got

They say that years of rock’n’roll will kill your brain cells. That the touring antics will finally take its toll and all that’s left is a shell of the memories that you once had. However Kevin Parker of Tame Impala appears to have all his marbles well and truly in tact. That’s if our lyrics quiz is anything to go by.


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As seen above, the psychedelic godfather took our very own Tame Impala lyrics test and unsurprisingly, he aced it with a perfect score of 10/10. From 2008’s ‘Half Glass Full Of Wine’ to the envious funk of ‘Currents” ‘The Less I Know The Better’ – he doesn’t put a foot wrong, recalling his own words perfectly. If you’re a true fan, perhaps you’ll do the same.

So take our lyrics quiz below, and hey, maybe if you get 10/10 and Kev sees, you might just get a call for an audition in the group…

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