Lady Gaga – Style Icon Or T-Boneheaded Fool?

Sunday was a big day for Lady Gaga. First up she had the VMAs, which saw her win eight awards (including most bizarrely Best Pop Video AND Best Dance Video for the same song), announce her new album title and test-run her new raw meat dress. Have a butchers:

Gaga meat dress

At the same time, her name was being “demolished” by US academic Camille Paglia in a profile in the Sunday Times, who accused her of “insipid songs”, “avant garde pretensions” and stealing other people’s style. (Stealing ideas? How dare she say such a thing?)

So of course, as is always the way with our fame-hungry monster, she’s dominated internet chatter this week. Twitter’s been groaning under the weight of agonising meat-based puns for days (it’s offal, she made a rasher decision etc etc), several critics rushed in to defend her while PETA pushed out another statement (“wearing a dress made out of cuts of dead cows is offensive. What next – the family cat made into a hat?”) just like they did last time she donned catwalk carcass.

What would Morrissey say? While we were pondering the chit chat you might have stuck in a lift with those two, we also started wondering where she’ll go next. Maybe she’ll scalp Justin Bieber and slap on his snap-on hair before riding a flaming horse into the sunset. Or perhaps she’ll return with all her limbs amputated and replaced with Dyson parts as a statement on the role of the housewife in a bionic age. She might really shock us and play this autumn’s shows in a demure ensemble without make-up. Somehow I don’t think so.

Gaga car

It does look increasingly like Gaga’s running out of places to go though. How many more times can we turn a page to see her firing grenades from her nipples or switch on TV to see her die a violent death without shrugging a collective ‘meh’ and moving on? When it comes to dressing in an abbatoir to get one up on yourself, the end of the line must be getting close.

So what do you think? Where will she go next? And is the bacon skullcap look the most progressive fashion statement of the year or just a slab of decaying meat on an attention-seeker’s head? Lady Gaga – style icon or just t-boneheaded?

Before you lay into her too much remember this: she was born this way.