Lady Sovereign, Goin’ Back To Cali

Lady Sovereign hasn’t always had the best of luck when she visits California. For instance, there was that one L.A. gig in 2006 when she fell ill, lost her voice, broke down onstage, and cut the concert short after about 15 minutes:

And then there was that infamous San Francisco show at which she was challenged to battle-rap by a giant beatboxing jelly donut (and, disappointingly, she refused):

(CLICK HERE to read my full, fascinating story on the Lady-vs.-Jelly feud.)

And then Sov’s 2009 L.A. comeback gig, originally slated for last week, was postponed due to visa issues.

But love her or hate her, the S-O-V is still an obsession for many California fans, who turned up in droves at the Echo last night to check out the biggest-midget-in-the-game’s rescheduled L.A. show. Here’s a clip of the Lady of the hour getting random with a bunch of hoodie-clad Angelenos:

My personal obsession is the new Sov song, “So Human,” which samples Godlike Geniuses the Cure‘s “Close To Me” in a somewhat godlike-genius manner, surprisingly. (Regular L.A. Woman readers, having read this post and this one, know how I feel about the Cure):

So Lady Sovereign, it seems, is back. Therefore I think this is THE perfect time for her to accept Jelly Donut‘s battle challenge. Surely a “So Human” MC could reduce a rapping pastry to crumbs, literally–right?