Lady Sovereign – So Human – Free MP3

People that have fucked with The Cure‘s ‘Close To Me’:

Plastic Little (cured)

A Plus D (curious)

Q-Tip (cureful)

Diplo (cancer for the cure)

Yoda (hang the curator)

And that’s before we even get started on the post-millenial dancehall appropriation of Tanya Stephens, Buck 65’s constant nods and the ruthless mashing of TLC into the Godlikes’ DNA.

So with her new single ‘So Human’ Lady Sovereign isn’t the first by any stretch.

What she has done, though, is incorporate some of the brilliantly desperate lyrics of the original into her updating. “I’ve waited hours for this/I’ve made myself so sick/I wish I’d stayed asleep today” she rasps in that trademark Morrisons rap. Quite what to make of this, when she aligns them with her own problems (“You should have seen me running out the studio like Forrest Gump…trapped in the USA my accent is my giveaway/I need a bag of green to make it go away”) I don’t know.

It will probably piss a fair few Cure fans off (Robert Smith apparently isn’t too keen) while delighting anyone that believes nothing’s sacred, especially a song that’s been round more houses than the 141 from London Bridge to Stoke Newington.

Download Jools MF‘s remix of So Human here

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