For about a year now, I have been stealthily stalking the Los Angeles mystery man known to the world only as "Awesome Dancer" (sorry, I couldn't think of a better name for him, although I'm open to ideas).

Awesome Dancer is a party-hardy fellow who completely shatters the stereotype that Angeleno concertgoers never dance at gigs. Wherever Awesome Dancer turns up, he boogies with utterly reckless abandon, admirably oblivious to the cross-armed, self-absorbed, non-dancing younger hipsters motionlessly surrounding him. And he always appears to be having a much better time than anyone else in the club.

Here are a couple of my latest A.D. sightings, at Chromeo's show at the Key Club earlier this year and at the L.A. Download Festival last summer:

But now Awesome Dancer has officially "made it," as viral video of him busting a move at Robyn's L.A. Wiltern show was tweeted this morning...by ROBYN HERSELF! And thus, a cewebrity is born:

If anyone else spots this guy dancing around Los Angeles, or sees any more A.D. tweets or YouTube videos, please let me know. Awesome Dancer is my hero.

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