Led Zeppelin Tour – Who Should Replace Robert Plant?

News that Led Zeppelin are determined to tour with an as-yet-unnamed replacement singer for Robert Plant has provoked a torrent of angry comments on NME.COM.

Robert Plant

A number of potential candidates have been mooted, ranging from the A-list (Chris Cornell, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler) to the relatively obscure (Alter Bridge‘s Myles Kennedy), but Led Zep manager Peter Mensch is remaining tight-lipped.

Trouble is, all these singers are of a predictably ‘classic rock’ stripe. Wouldn’t it be far more exciting to choose a wild-card frontman, someone able to radically alter the band’s sound?

We’ve been thinking about vocalists who could fill Plant’s shoes and we’ve come up with the following shortlist. Do you have any better suggestions?

Carl Barat – he’s definitely available.

Robbie Williams – Take That will never let him back in, after all.

Chad Kroeger – hey hey, he wants to be a rock star.

Justin Hawkins – at least he could hit the high notes.

Manda Rin from Bis – would tap into that all-important tweecore demographic.

Jay-Z – well, you can dream.