Liam Gallagher Sells Speakers – But It’s Not The Lamest Rock Star Endorsement Ever

Rock stars promoting products is nothing new – it happens all the time. Now whether they do it for the financial gain or just for the hell of it is up to them. In fact, Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes wrote an enlightening piece on the subject a few years ago. But that doesn’t mean that the ads cease to be fist-chewingly embarrassing.

That being said, I was a bit taken aback when I was sitting on the tube the other day and noticed this mug staring back at me from someone’s newspaper:


Besides the fact that it’s a terrifying image that proves once and for all that Liam Gallagher’s got a big mouth on him, it’s downright embarrassing to look at, not to mention the fact that in addition to promoting Phillips, he’s also plugging his clothing line in these photos…

I had to do a double take. And a triple. And then had to do that awkward ambiguous squint thing as I looked over the guy’s shoulder to read the fine print at the bottom of the page to confirm that it was, in fact, Mr. Gallagher. Isn’t it all a bit… embarrassing?

A few years back, we ran a blog on the 10 worst rock star sellout of the time. Bob Dylan, John Lydon, Slash and Alice Cooper all managed to offend us enough to include them in the list. Here are a few more to add to the ever-growing list of distasteful celebrity endorsements.

Iggy Pop selling car insurance
We highly doubt rock rebel Iggy Pop actually enjoys filming those ads with the beyond-creepy puppet replica of himself (called “Little Iggy”, apparently), advertising car insurance. But there he is, all over our television screens and tube stations. Sorry, Swiftcover. Not only does this make us not want to use your service, but it almost makes us want to burn our copies of ‘Raw Power’ (almost).

Lionel Richie selling crisps
Had he just recorded the jingle for Walkers, we could possibly forgive him. But am I the only one who cringes every time this ad appears on the telly? Why has Lionel Richie become a creepy magician stalker?

Bob Geldof selling razors
Ever wondered how he gets his baby soft skin? Why, it’s thanks to the Wilkinson Sword, of course.

Devo selling scooters
OK, we already knew they’re a bit cheesy. But this ad for Honda scooters from the ‘80s is still an amusing classic.

David Bowie selling water
This one’s actually pretty great, so we won’t hold it against Mr. Stardust. Revisit all of his personas as he sells you Vittel water.

John Lydon selling butter
We’ve blogged about this one before, but it’s worth another mention. Sneer all you like, dude knows how to sell butter. Sure beats Fabio’s lame attempt.