Limbs Are For Liars – The Wonderful World Of Not Cool

A friend passed me a CD-R in a white cardboard sleeve with the words NOT COOL scrawled over it in biro a few weeks ago. It wasn’t a comment on how hip I am (ie. not in the slightest) but rather the name of her favourite new band. And now they’re one of mine now too.

Now admittedly on first look I was a bit meh…

Cute, yes. But three skinny guitar dweebs in oversized shirts touting frenzied guitar scuzz? So far so whatever. And it’s certainly no big wows to hear they count Pavement, Dinosaur Jr. and No Age as influences when you listen to single ‘Wonderful Beasts’.

BUT the beauty of this lot, and the reason why I’m now all a-jitter about their existence, is that after a little digging I found that they possess an inspiring DIY ethos, clearly have read a book or two, know the power of a well-placed time change and do strange, camp floaty dances on stage. And did I mention the drumming? Oh the glorious drumming – especially on ‘Dead Kid City’

This Minutemen cover is a pretty nice insight into their live performance

But my favourite Not Cool moment of all time exists only in my head for now. Where they form a supergroup for one night with fellow awesome new noiseniks Male Bonding and Wild Palms and create the squalling, ragged anti-anthem to end all anti-anthems – the kind that would raise Joey Ramone himself from the dead. It’s only a matter of time. Right?

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