Listen To Tracks From This Week’s Free CD

This week’s NME – on sale across the UK from Wednesday 24 February – comes with a free 16-track compilation handpicked by Domino Records founder Laurence Bell.

Here, you can listen to preview clips from each track – and read Laurence’s personal liner notes.

Animal Collective, ‘Brothersport’
Laurence Bell: “I think that ‘Merriweather Post Pavilion’ will be a touchstone record for the next decade or so at least. It’s only just beginning to resonate what an important band they are.”

The Kills, ‘Sour Cherry’
“They were a very important signing for us ­ a British band based in London making very contemporary-sounding rock’n’roll music.”

Archie Bronson Outfit, ‘Shark’s Tooth’
“This is the lead track off their new album and was produced by Tim Goldsworthy from DFA. It’s a wild gothic disco track ­ a great example of a band who are moving ahead in a big way.”

Arctic Monkeys, ‘Catapult’
“Seeing them for the first time in this little club in Stockton-On-Tees was just extraordinary. It was like seeing a cross between early Who and the Buzzcocks. It just took my head off.”

Eugene + The Lizards, ‘Bugjuice’
“This is the new project from Eugene McGuinness. He’s an underrated songwriter and a truly fantastic singer. His time is coming.”

Cass McCombs, ‘Dreams-Come-True-Girl’
“Cass is going to become one of the key American songwriters of the next couple of decades. When people get into his stuff they become obsessed.”

Franz Ferdinand, ‘Send Him Away’
“When I saw them I knew immediately that they were the band who we were waiting to meet. They had perfect band chemistry.”

Wild Beasts, ‘Two Dancers’
“I find the idea that such exotic music is being made by a young band in the north of England is really inspiring. We should appreciate our strange and beautiful bands.”

Four Tet, ‘Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)’
“Kieran Hebden is one of the great modern British electronic artists. He’s always been part of Domino’s label culture and turned us on to so much amazing music.”

These New Puritans, ‘Orion’
“With their new album they’ve made one of the most radical and startlingly ambitious records possible. Nobody has ever made music like this before.”

Owen Pallett, ‘Lewis Takes Action’
“He’s a new signing for us. Owen is a leader and a true original – is this modern classical? Is it pop? This is a gorgeous tune with great lyrics.”

Dirty Projectors, ‘Stillness Is The Move’
“I am absolutely convinced that this is going to be a hit one day. Solange Knowles has just covered it. I can hear it on Radio 1 on a sunny afternoon.”

Quasi, ‘Repulsion’
“Another of my favourite bands. This is from their new album and is one of the best things that they’ve ever done. It’s just a blazing rock’n’roll song. More people should like this band.”

Lightspeed Champion, ‘Faculty Of Fears’
“Soon after Test Icicles disintegrated Dev came to me with this album of extraordinary fully-formed pop songs. His new album’s an audacious theatrical pop-rock opus.”

Villagers, ‘Becoming A Jackal’ (Demo)
“This is a sneak preview of a new signing to the label. Villagers is a young Irish songwriter called Conor O’Brien. This will be his first single.”

Pavement, ‘Gold Soundz’
“They were a key signing for us and now they’re coming back – it’s exciting to me that so many young bands are getting into them now.”