After Stoke, we had a day off and it was well spent loafing around London. We stayed in Paddington at a hotel that thankfully was only a short drive away from the glorious, glowing heaven on earth establishment that is Gourmet Burger Kitchen. If you’ve been to GBK then I don’t need to explain our euphoria at dinner that night and if you haven’t been then I feel sorry for you. Behold the monsters!


While we ate, we were simultaneously washing our tour filth at the Laundromat across the street. I’m happy to say we don’t smell anymore.

That night we met some friends at a bar in Shoreditch where a band called Chew Lips was playing. We were introduced to Snake Bites – half cider, half lager & some black currant - and I think Andy is hooked. We met the nice gents in We Are Scientists and then caught the last train back to Paddington.

The next day we got up early for an interview with Sonic magazine. Ah Sweden! As it turns out, it’s gonna be our first cover story which amazes us all. Sheer madness right?

Right after that some people from our label walk in carrying boxes full of our albums! It’s the first time any of us have seen or held it. We were literally like proud parents.


Then we drove to Portsmouth, which coincidentally is where I was born 23 years ago. Every so often throughout the day, we stop ourselves and think how incredible it is that we get to play music and travel for a living. I kept finding it hard to believe I was in Portsmouth playing a show.


We did an interview at a local radio station earlier that day and aside from hilariously calling Matt “4 foot nothing”, the DJ told me I’m a Pomponian(?) because I was born in St. Mary’s hospital. We also did a quick live acoustic version of ‘Airplanes’ that turned out great considering the constraints.


The show itself was a lot of fun. They had a shower in the dressing room that poured out Jagermeister. Great energy from the audience and because of the bigger stage, a bunch of the guys from Yes Giantess, Marina and Golden Silvers were able to bring toms up and jam with us on Sun Hands. The lighting guy even brought out the seizure inducing strobe lights during it. Speaking of seizures, we also found out that our music video for “Camera Talk” failed the MTV seizure test. Awesome. Afterwards, we grabbed the usual dinner at a Tesco petrol station and headed off towards Bristol.

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