So, VBS.TV have made a film with Palladium about the history of pirate radio stations, called London Pirate Frequencies. Illegal radio actually used to be made on the barmy oceans and my favourite part of the film is when an aging pirate describes shipping naïve groupies over to their barge for three-day orgies.

Pirate radio has changed since then. Not the fucking, being on pirate radio still gets you laid, but you don’t have to take Dramamine and wear wellies to be involved these days. These days it’s an inland empire.
Today you wouldn’t associate the term underground with Dizzee Rascal unless you were being sarcastic or he was standing right there, but alongside kids like Tinchy Strider, he cut his (possibly) gold teeth on stations like Kool FM and Rinse FM.

For sixty years pirate radio has been an underground phenomenon. This film traces the story of pirate radio from the sea barges of yesterday, through the jungle generation and into the grime era. Check it here.


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