Mad Love And Mad Men – Chapel Club’s Radar Tour Diary

Last week, Chapel Club’s drummer Rich Mitchell wrote a couple of blogs on the road from the Emerge NME Radar Tour. This week, guitarists Michael Hibbert and Alex Parry gave the blogging a try.

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Nottingham (Day 3)
After a refreshing day off in London (albeit a rainy and pretty uninspiring one) we’re back on the road to Nottingham. Tonight’s show is significant for the fact that Lewis spent three, particularly hedonistic years of his life here. Prior to the show we are whisked away to do a ‘stripped back’ type session for BBC Radio Nottingham – the acoustic road show is now armed with a Farfisa (a sort of accordion on legs) and an auto-harp – comprising of ‘AtEG’ and ‘Five Trees’, which seemed to go very well. Thanks for having us.

Chapel Club

We arrive back at the venue with about 5 minutes to spare before stage time, what to do…? Ah yes, lose one another, flap about and eventually slither onto stage from different directions i.e. getting the job done.

Got quite drunk with the Flats boys after the show. Luke spilt his drink all in Mike’s lap within a few minutes, was alright though, think he had spares. We even found ourselves comparing tattoos with Mat Horne, of Gavin And Stacey fame, who was at the show and enjoyed the whole thing. Nice chap. To Doncaster, to bed.

Chapel Club

Glasgow (Day 4)
After enduring a Little Chef breakfast amongst Doncaster’s travelling salesmen elite, we board the van and head to Glasgow, which spells more Mad Men for us two. We’re nearly at the end of season one and have agreed it’s like a really good Desperate Housewives, minus the excellent Kyle Maclachlan. Don Draper is a total dreamboat though.

Chapel Club

King Tut’s blew us away, again. It’s always so awesome in there, everybody goes mental and there’s so much energy and testosterone coursing through the room its crazy. Mad love to you lot. There was a moment when the stage manager told us we’d ran over time, but we hadn’t played ‘Paper Thin’ yet, which we always end on… troubling.

Obviously we did, with out of tune guitars and a pretty angry stage manager to contend with. Sleazy’s after, standard, with our ex-tour manager and dear friend Kato. Flats bailed but Ronson showed up, fair trade. Fucking love Glasgow.