Like a modern day pop archaeologists piecing together pieces of futurehits, we came across a clip of Madonna's new single 'Give Me All Your Love'.


As much as we can tell from the two clips- and at 24 seconds it's pretty difficult to tell at this stage - we can hear flashes of Madge classics like 'Dress You Up', 'Burning Up' and even some pre-Madonna-style vibes; one is reminded of her band Emmy.

That she's rumoured to be working with 'Ray Of Light''s William Orbit again suggested that she would be taking a more mature approach to this album (unlike 2008's kiddie urban experiment 'Hard Candy') but what if that's not the case at all and she's embracing her 80s self with a new twist?

That would be pretty exciting. Either way, we have pretty high expectations of the next album (due in the Spring). Roll on more previews!

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