Mark Ronson Exclusive – Hear ‘Lose It (In the End)’ feat. Jonathan Pierce

It’s Mark Ronson week here at NME – not only is he featured on the cover of the new issue (which you can also purchase digitally here), but NME had a chance to listen to his new album ‘Record Collection’ (out in September) in full. You can read our track-by-track review, as well as click through the gallery celebrating the reinvention of Mark Ronson.

Mark Ronson

With ‘Record Collection’, Ronson has ditched the horns and cheesy cover songs – but don’t take our word for it. We have an exclusive streaming of the second track off the album, ‘Lose It (In the End)’, right here. Co-written by Jonathan Pierce of The Drums, this is one of two tracks on the album with vocals from Ronson (this one featuring Ghostface Killah).

Mark Ronson’s latest music video for ‘Bang Bang Bang’

NME chats with Mark Ronson behind the scenes at his NME photo shoot, where he talks about the new album, its lack of brass and his new live set up.

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