Mark Ronson graces the cover of the new issue. Here, Leonie Cooper has an exclusive first listen to his remarkably non-cheesy third album, 'Record Collection', which features contributions from The Drums and Boy George

Bang Bang Bang
With a co-writing credit from Kaiser Chiefs sticksman Nick Hodgson – who also contributes backing vocals – the first single is a soul and hip-pop throwdown that also features rapper Q-Tip and recent Radar star MNDR, who is also Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ touring keyboardist. It was MNDR’s idea to incorporate her own take on the French nursery rhyme ‘Alouette’ into the song. This track went straight to the top of the NME Chart following its release on July 11.

Lose It (In the End)
Co-written by Jonathan Pierce of The Drums, this short but sweet tune is one of two songs to feature vocals from Ronson. Taking lessons from Lady Gaga’s singing coach in preparation, his soft vocals appear alongside a gruffer Ghostface Killah.

The Bike Song
Featuring vocals from The View’s Kyle Falconer, this track accessorises its swirling psychedelic pop flavour with bicycle bells. Set to be the second single, it was co-written by Dave McCabe of The Zutons, who penned Ronson’s biggest hit to date, of course, his cover of ‘Valerie’. Spank Rock also guests.

Somebody to Love Me
Boy George sings alongside Andrew Wyatt – frontman of Miike Snow – for this elegant breakbeat house and 1990s soul-referencing number. Wyatt, alongside Jake Shears of Scissors Sisters, ex-Dirty Pretty Thing Anthony Rossomando and pop hit-maker
Cathy Dennis, co-wrote the song.

Circuit Breaker
Inspired by retro computer game soundtracks, the instrumental ‘Circuit Breaker’ features turntablism skills from Californian deck jazz fusion DJ/producer Teeko. The song was the first to be heard by the public after its Legend Of Zelda-style video came online in May.

Introducing The Business
Atlanta-based rapper Pill leads the way in this serious stomp, which also plays host to synthesised strings and the London Gay Men’s Chorus. Backing vocals come from Ronson’s longtime collaborator Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet, who featured on the cover of Radiohead’s ‘Just’ on his 2007 album ‘Version’.

Record Collection
The second track with lead vocals from Ronson and lyrics by Nick Hodgson. Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon features on the chorus while his bandmate Nick Rhodes plays keyboards. Wiley’s vocals bring a UK grime touch.

You Gave Me Nothing
Written by Ronson and Pierce, ‘You Gave Me Nothing’ is a moody slice of industrial disco with vocals from former Pipettes vocalist and solo dream-indie artist Rose Elinor Dougall and Andrew Wyatt.

Taste Of A Samurai
The perky ’80s electro-pop-influenced ‘Taste of A Samurai’ is sung by Brooklyn singer Jarina De Marco, and was written by Andrew Wyatt, Cathy Dennis and Ronson.

Hey Boy
Penned by Kai Fish from Mystery Jets, ‘Hey Boy’ features a soaring summer chorus sung by Rose Elinor Dougall, as well as vocals from Brooklyn-based rapper Theophilus London.

The Night Last Night
Co-written by Ronson, Greenwald and Charlie Waller of The Rumble Strips – whose 2009 album ‘Welcome To The Walk Alone’ was produced by Ronson – the final track is a dreamlike soul shuffle, sung by Dougall and Greenwald.

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, ‘Record Collection’ is released on September 20

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