Metronomy, Sbtrkt, Flowers Of Hell – Free MP3 Downloads

The Bicycle Film Festival celebrates 10 years at the Barbican next week and Metronomy are playing a special show on the opening night on Thursday (October 14th).


The first half of the show will feature Bicycle Film Festival shorts, projected on to the Barbican Hall screen with live DJ accompaniment from Sbtrkt, followed by Metronomy’s bendy electrofunk thing accompanied by more film projections. Gallops then wrap things up on the Barbican ClubStage.

In addition there’s a load of bike-related stuff going on, including a Pret A Rouler fashion show, a nail salon offering hi-viz varnish jobs and some cycle powered drinks machines. Just don’t rock up with your Boris bike.

They sent us some exclusive Sbtrkt and Metronomy bits to which I was going to add a Gallops track until I realised we heinously haven’t covered them on this here blog. So you’ll have to make do with this instead:

Bicycle Film Festival Preview

Download ‘Hide Or Seek’
Download Download ‘When Doves Strike’
Download ‘What Do I Do Now’

Next, Flowers Of Hell, who are, according to their wikibio, a “trans-Atlantic space rock orchestra” (which is good enough for us). The band recently released an hour-long album containing one track, ‘O’. It was a two-faced piece of plastic though, with a DVD on the other side, containing among other things this cover of Lou Reed’s ‘Street Hassle’.

If you want more convincing that these guys are worth checking out, ask an astronaut:

Here’s a free excerpt from the album.

Flowers Of Hell – Excerpt From ‘O’

Download here