Michael Jackson, ‘Breaking News’ – Er, Is This It?

Head over to breakingnews.michaeljackson.com to listen to ‘Breaking News’, the first taster from ‘Michael’, a forthcoming compilation of unreleased Jackson recordings.

‘Breaking News’ was recorded in New Jersey in 2007, but it sounds far older. In fact the production is so dated, you wonder if Jackson would have been happy releasing it in its current state. For a start, the vocals don’t even sound very much like Michael Jackson.

MICHAEL Album Artwork

Jackson’s nephews TJ and Tarryl claim it’s not really him on the recording, or at least they suggest bits of his original vocals have been merged with samples.

Add to that the distinctly naff artwork (see above), and you have yet another example of Jackson’s legacy being managed rather shabbily, seemingly in a bid to turn a quick profit rather than honour the singer’s memory.

‘Michael’, will be released 13 December by Epic Records