Ever since that fateful La Roux mix (which has been downloaded almost six times more than the next biggest track on this blog), we’ve been flooded with cheap imitations: two-bit dubstep pretenders throwing subsonic bass over any pop tune they can get the parts to, with scant regard for the visceral appeal of a thoughtfully put together mix.

Miike Snow could be classic victims of this cut-and-pritt-stick approach, their shiny pop ripe for ruining in the eyes of these lazy cash-in merchants. Which is why it was so amazing today to hear Caspa got there first.

His version of their next single 'Black & Blue' (out Oct 19th on Columbia), is a near-masterpiece, pushing just enough innard-rubbing bass under a relatively untouched track. It’s not quite as timeless as Skream’s signature, but not far off at all….

Download Caspa's remix of Black & Blue here
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-DJ Mehdi's mix of Miike Snow's 'Burial'

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