Danish foursome Mimas have just finished their second album and called it 'Lifejackets'. Cue lots of shots of them larking around in lifejackets:


The band have been making friends and influencing people for a while now with their Mew meets Los Camp kind of racket and the ever reliable Big Scary Monsters (Pulled Apart By Horses, Tall Ships) are releasing the new record. Here's a preview track, alongside 'Mac Get Your Gear', an old one but probably my favourite to date.

Mimas - 'La Moustache Formidable'

Download here

Mimas - 'Mac Get Your Gear'

Download here

Next, Jack White favourites (he picked them to support The Raconteurs),
The See See
, who make their Daily Download debut today. The Londoners, made up of ex-members of Eighteenth Day Of May and The Soledad Brothers among others, favour West Coast psychedelia, but drag it through the dusty southern states and over to London town and end up with an excellent kind of mongrel jangle pop. Lots of chances to see them live coming up - MySpace will oblige.

The See See

The See See - 'Powers Of Ten'

Download here

Elsewhere on the net
A Place To Bury Strangers have covered David Bowie's 'Suffragette City' (download it on RCRD LBL). What does it sound like? Like the devil crawling out of the stereo in a crashed helicopter, of course.

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