Muse At Wembley – How Was It For You?

Muse finally brought their much talked-about giant UFO to Wembley at the weekend with all the pompous panache and shazam you’d expect from a band whose frontman once dreamed of flying a jet pack over the home of English football.

Some nearly choked on their burger and chips in fits of hysterics, while others marvelled at the ridiculousness of a huge inflatable space ship hovering over a throng of 80,000.

Me, I was more worried about the dangling ballerina’s astronomical insurance bill as she was suspended thousands of feet above the half way line.

Photo Gallery – Muse’s Wembey shows in pictures

Even Matt Bellamy himself must have been a tad worried about his own life insurance when he donned a Tron-style spacesuit to glide over the masses in his own mini-flying saucer, whilst wielding his cosmic axe to ‘Take A Bow’.

But then, what else did you expect from rock’s most ridiculous space trio? Most of us wouldn’t have them any other way.

Let us know your thoughts on the gig, and that spaceship. Was it out of this world or did it go down like, er, a lead balloon?

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