Music Video Clichés No.2 – Rain

In the second installment of our occasional series of clichés in music videos, we find ourselves at potentially the biggest culprit of all – rain. Nothing says “I’m so troubled, hear me whine” quite like relentless drizzle. Here are some memorable examples. Post your own suggestions for rain-lashed clips below.

Guns N’ Roses – November Rain
I don’t know about you, but as soon as a sudden downpour starts, I get the sudden urge to jump through a wedding cake. Some primo, rain-soaked emoting from Axl Rose here, as he to kneels at his dead bride’s grave looking pained, his wild mane dripping.

Fightstar – ‘Palahniuk’s Laughter’
Fightstar employ plenty of damp hair flicks and slow-motion splashing to coincide with every guitar riff. Charlie Simpson’s anguished face looking skyward… does it get any more emo?

Snow Patrol – ‘Chasing Cars’
‘Chasing Cars’ has bucket loads of close ups of trickling rain drops on different parts of Gary Lightbody’s face and body, eventually seeing him plunged into water as the intensity gets just that little bit too much. No ‘I’ve always wanted to see Gary Lightbody drown’ gags, please.

Eminem – ‘Stan’
The video for ‘Stan’ features torrential rain in three key scenarios: poorly-lit dilapidated house, reckless driving shots and finally, what all rain cliché-ridden videos need, the funeral scene. A classic of the genre.

Slipknot – ‘Left Behind’
Not that Slipknot need to resort to summoning a storm to add a ‘dark edge’ to one of their songs but soon enough the clouds form and chaos ensues leaving the band drenched and the young protagonist of the video wishing he’d taken cover in a house with a roof.

Muse – ‘New Born’
Features a perfectly timed shower to coincide with the band going hell for leather on the outro.

James – ‘Sometimes’
The band have made things hard for themselves here by choosing to play in the middle of the sea. For one thing, it’s bound to play havoc with your effects pedals.

That’s enough drizzly emoting from us. What are your favourite rainy videos?