Musicians And Video Games Don’t Mix. Here’s The Evidence

Cut Copy have just unveiled a video game based on their music. But who wants to play games by cult developers with muso soundtracks when you can be 50 Cent, or when you can go to Henry Rollins’ gym?

750 Cent – Bulletproof

Don’t you dare call this a vanity project. Fiddy’s first solo foray into gaming started out through spite. In 2005, he was asked to voice a character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Fault. 50 responded that he would only voice himself in video games. So naturally he created his own game. About him. Plotwise, you’re 50 Cent, and you’re searching down the hitmen who have tried to murder you. If you like, you can also play as other members of G-Unit, including Lloyd Banks or Tony Yayo. Difficulty levels range from ‘Playa’ (Very Easy), ‘Hustler’ (Easy), ‘Thug’ (Normal), Gangsta (Hard) or G-Unit Soldier (Very Hard).

6Def Jam – Vendetta

In a move we can’t imagine 4AD making, label Def Jam leant its name and artists to a series of wrestling games in the mid 00’s. There’s some character exposition gubbins, but what’s important to note is that at some stage, Ludacris will challenge you to a fight. In his club. Club Luda. Also, in sequel Fight for NY, the local gym is run by Henry Rollins.

5Journey – Escape

A game so shoddy that its title song doesn’t even feature in the game, 1983’s Escape is an oddity in both arcade and Atari form. There are slight differences between the two formats, but essentially, you’re Journey and you’ve got to collect your instruments from different planets. And then you play a gig, but you’ve got to run away from groupies. The basic premise? “Live to rock another day!”

4 Spice Girls – Spiceworld

Help the Spice Girls for a live concert in this 1998 game by teaching them how to sing, dance and remember their lyrics. Keep the obvious jokes to yourselves.

3Michael Jackson – Moonwalker

1989’s Moonwalker often crops up on lists of Strangest Video Games, and for good reason too. With “game concept and design by Michael Jackson”, MJ’s only got himself to blame. There are several versions of Moonwalker, but the most interesting bit is the use of ‘Dance Magic’. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Bubbles also appears, and transforms Jacko into a robot. Obviously.

2Backyard Wrestling With Insane Clown Posse

2004’s Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighbourhood allows you to play as either Shaggy 2 Dope or Violent J. Thrilling!

1Phil Collins – GTA: Vice City Stories

Tired from driving around in your stolen vehicle? Longing for the emotional release that only Phil Collins’ seminal ‘In The Air Tonight…’ can provide? Undertake a mission to get Phil to his concert on time, and he’ll serenade you happily. We’ll go out on a limb and say this is not the highlight of Phil’s CV.