Inspired by the post about Your Twenties' infatuation with Elastica, here are some of my favourite inter-band musical love letters (the ones I could find on YouTube).

LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

"All the robots descend from the bus/ There's a freakout brewing at my house, my house"
James Murphy imagines the raddest house party ever, with those French funkbots as special guests.

Franz Ferdinand - Eleanor Put Your Boots On

"Turn towards the hidden sun/ you know you look so elegant when you run"
As Eleanor from Fiery Furnaces actually is Alex Kapranos's girlfriend, this is one love letter that probably led to consummation.

The Fall - I Am Damo Suzuki

"I have no time for western medicine/ I am Damo Suzuki"
Mark E Smith's suitably deranged salute to the legendary Can frontman.

Black Box Recorder - Andrew Ridgley

"I never liked George Michael much/ although they say he was the talented one/ Andrew Ridgley drew the map/ that rescued me, took me to paradise"
This is written from the perspective of a poor little rich girl. Does it count? Yes, it does.

John Martyn - Solid Air

"I know you, I love you/ and I could be your friend."
RIP John Martyn. Here's his tender tribute to Nick Drake.

Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke

"There's Basie, Miller, Satchmo/ and the king of all Sir Duke/ and with a voice like Ella's ringing out/ theres no way the band can lose"
Stevie tips his hat in emphatic style to Duke Ellington and other jazz greats.

There are loads more of these so let me know your favourites.

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