Last week I mourned the demise of cassettes and the lost art of mixtape compilation to mark the 50th anniversary of their invention. Spotify have created the closest thing to a mixtape you can give a friend, family member or potential paramour online. Write a message of festive wishes and line up a cracking roster of tunes you'd put on a tape or CD. Hopefully you'll have seen NME's collective tracks of 2012 by now, but we thought we'd share some of our personal playlists too. They're mostly tracks from this year, but not exclusively. I included Laura Nyro's 'Tom Cat Goodby' because I discovered her for the first time this year. In the last week or so I've had DJ Shadow's 'Midnight In A Perfect World' on repeat after he appeared in the news. Why not share your own Spotify playlists by posting a link in the comments?

Lucy Jones

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Kevin EG Perry

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Sian Rowe

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Jamie Fullerton

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