New Bruce Springsteen – ‘Life Itself’

If last year’s ‘Working On A Dream’ suggested Bruce Springsteen’s forthcoming album of the same name might find him in rather bland, upbeat mood, newie ‘Life Itself’ comes as a relief, since it’s full of the bleak, flinty imagery that true Bruce fans (or at least the ones who love ‘Nebraska’ and ‘The River’) get off on.

A brooding, love-as-consolation fable that begins, “We met down in the valley where the water of love and destruction flows”, the song inhabits the same shadowy landscape as ‘Reason To Believe’ and ‘Stolen Car’, a place where ordinary Joes stand grim and resolute in the face of implacable fate – a notion backed up by the video, which is full of lingering close-ups of said ordinary Joes, interspersed with shots of Bruce doing that pained ‘in the studio’ look.

The tune itself is a bit ‘meh’, but that’s no great shame because you can download the song for free from Amazon.