New Foals Track, ‘Spanish Sahara’

As announced earlier today, Foals return with their second album, ‘Total Life Forever’, on May 10 – and you can hear a track from it, ‘Spanish Sahara’, below.

It’s bracing stuff. Accompanied by a snowy, open-air video, at first the song puts you in mind of the ambient falsetto-rock of Sigur Ros – but it swiftly builds into something more urgent and propulsive, with Yannis Philipakkis repeating the lyric, “I’m the fury in your head, I’m the fury in your bed, I’m the ghost in the back of your head” over insistent, morse-code guitar.

There’s also a hint of Thom Yorke’s lyrical mode of cryptic, environmental dread (“Now the waves they drag you down”) – but the further the song progresses, the more it sounds like no-one but Foals. Prefiguring abundant riches on the album to come, the whole thing feels as sharp and cooling as a dip in an Arctic plunge-pool.

You can download a free remix of the track at Meanwhile, listen to the original and let us know what you think.