New Music – Danny Brown, ‘#HottestMC’

Following in the footsteps of the immortal jellyfish stinging the face of pop again and again, Will.I.Am, and his album ‘#willpower’, Danny Brown’s released a song called ‘#HottestMc’.

It’s an angry response to MTV’s ‘Hottest MC’ list which so far includes Kanye West (who isn’t happy he’s seventh), A$AP Rocky, Big Sean and Drake but no Brown…yet. He introduced the track to the world on Twitter this afternoon, saying: “Fuck a top 10 list … nigga im the Greatest Rapper Ever” but later tweeted that Kendrick Lamar should really be at number one. Going into detail about why he’s “mad”, he explains, “Ok for starters no other genre in music does such a distasteful and cheesy thing … This is music not sports .. It’s all opinions”.

And he sounds mad. His trademark over-enunciated Spongebob voice seems heavier, older, harder; he’s got something to say. Produced by New York rising star Harry Fraud, it rides on a Medieval-esque synth line and lolling drumkit beat. With lyrics like “Rhymes so real thought I wrote it in Janis Joplin’s vomit/With the mic GG Allin wiped his ass with” he blows everyone out the water – and into the ether.