New Peter Bjorn And John – Nothing To Worry About

Last month Kanye West leaked the new Peter, Bjorn and John track on his blog after they sent it to him to listen to.

West, who has sampled the Swedish pop-trio before, then proceeded to steal our job by playing the world exclusive of ‘Nothing To Worry About‘, the first single from the band’s new LP, ‘Living Thing‘.

Now, a month later, the group that kept us whistling for the duration of the summer with absurdly catchy single ‘Young Folk‘ return officially.

The video for ‘Nothing To Worry About‘ resembles a scene from ‘Grease’, following the adventures of a young John Travolta type and his leather jacket-wearing gang of like-minded T-Birds, all with greased-back ducktails.

Living Thing ‘ is out on March 31.

In the words of Kanye, “shit is dope”.