NME Breakthrough Band Of The Day 12 – Fiction

NME Breakthrough is the breaking music community for artists and fans alike. A chance to interact, build fan networks, and get on NME’s Radar (as we check every new members profile). Every day we select our favourite act from Breakthrough, shining a light on this online grassroots happening…

Fiction are not fans of living up to expectations. One glance at their assault course of a live drum setup with tell you that much. “Post-punk should be a dour, cold sound, follwing the same spikey blueprint laid out by two ‘important’ albums recorded 28 years ago”, said The Man. No thanks, said Fiction. We’d rather create a carnival of free-form ideas that takes you from the pearly gates of a fantasy dreamland, to the edge of reason, and back again.

Breakthrough profile: music.nme.com/fiction