NME Xmas Quiz 2012: The Answers

If you got hold of the Christmas issue of NME, hopefully you would have had a stab at our mega boredom-crushing Xmas quiz and in turn had the chance to win loads of swish Converse shoes and gig tickets. If not, it’s too late, sorry, the winner’s been decided. But here are the answers in full, so you can work out how you did anyway.

So, did you do well? Let us know by commenting below. And if you got them all right then congratulations, you are a quiz lord among men and women. Or you used Google.


Round One: 20 questions about 2012

1. Which hard-partier was named a US Cultural Ambassador to the Middle East this year? Andrew WK
2. The first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, died this year. But which band paid touching tribute to him at Leeds Festival by giving him a shout-out? Kasabian
3. Nicki Minaj told fans on Twitter to “eat shit” and do what after cancelling her appearance at V Festival? “Die”
4. Jake Bugg had a rather big 2012 – but Bugg is actually his mum’s maiden name. What’s his birth surname? Kennedy
5. Who supposedly hand-picked Two Door Cinema Club’s Alex Trimble to sing at the opening ceremony of the Olympics when the torch was entering the stadium? Danny Boyle
6. Which ex-X Factor type got a bottle of piss thrown at them at V Festival? Cher Lloyd
7. Which French actress did Pete Doherty tell NME he had a steamy affair with this year? Charlotte Gainsbourg
8. Ex-Gallows screamer Frank Carter played his first gigs with Pure Love this year. But who is the ‘other one’ in the band? Jim Carroll
9. Which two members of The Vaccines took to wearing fetching sleeveless denim jackets this year, like they were in the early years of Take That? Justin and Freddie
10. Who released a box set with a song called ‘Elton John’s Cock’ on it? Blur
11. Which Primal Scream bass replacement was herself replaced by a relative unknown called Simone Butler in October? Debbie Googe
12. Which daughter-of-a-Sex-Pistol supported The Stone Roses at Heaton Park in June? Hollie Cook
13. Which oddball US singer this year declared that he had an “active masturbation life” in NME? Ariel Pink
14. Which band, who were ditched by their record label this year, released their album featuring an erect cock on its cover art? Death Grips
15. Continuing the nudity theme, what did Natasha Khan have draped over her shoulders on the cover of her new album? A naked man
16. Pond and Tame Impala share a few of the same members and both released new albums in 2012 – but whose came out first? Pond
17. 2012 was the year Lee Newell from defunct lad-rockers Viva Brother launched a new boy band career. What’s his new band called? Lovelife
18. Who released a book called ‘Unknown Pleasures’ this year? Peter Hook
19. Green Day released three albums in 2012: ‘!Uno!’, ‘!Dos!’ and ‘!Tre!’. But which of the three featured rehab-visiting singer Billie Joe Armstrong’s face on it? ‘!Uno!’
20. Glasvegas named their new album twice this year. What was the first name for it? ‘Whoever Shouts The Loudest’

Round Two: Gary Lightbody’s reindeer challenge

Snow Patrol warbler Gary Lightbody used to be in an indie collective called Reindeer Section, you know – and now he’s only gone and stuck reindeer heads on a load of rock stars. Can you identify the faces beneath the fur and antlers?


(A) Mick Jagger (B) Lily Allen (C) Florence Welch (D) Matt Bellamy

Round Three: Festive anagrams
All these tenuously Xmas or winter-related musician and band names have had their letters jumbled up – can you straighten them out?

1. A Glaze Hen (Angel Haze)
2. Lady Clop (Coldplay)
3. Bless He Gill (Sleigh Bells)
4. Weary Birth (Barry White)
5. Nachos Geez Ill (Chile Gonzales)

Round Four: Spot the difference

Look, it’s those Arctic Monkeys, all dressed up as evil elves. Spot the differences between the photos:


Round Five: The album cover challenge
We’ve spelled out a Christmas message with lettering from famous album covers. Which cover is each letter from?


MIA – Kala

Beck – Odelay

The Libertines – Up The Bracket

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

The Horrors – Skying

Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks

The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead

The Clash – The Clash

The Beatles – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band