Notes From The Underground – Rise And Fall Are Keeping Hardcore Nasty (Free MP3)

So, Belgium, eh? Or, more specifically: Ghent, eh? Home to… Soulwax. Go on, we dare you to name something/anything else from that little Belgian municipality to have achieved notoriety (although, if you said Caspar de Crayer, painter [1582-1669] then congratulations, you can use Wikipedia correctly).

Lucky, then, that Rise And Fall – those moody dudes staring you out up there – are here to redress the balance. And when we say ‘redress the balance’, we mean ‘slap the living christ out of the balance, throw down some radical pit moves and then scream until the balance shits itself in abject, nauseating terror’. Such is life as a truly brutal hardcore band.

I’ll be honest, I only found out about them after their newest album ‘Our Circle’ landed in my lap, but it’s a mighty fine blast of poisonous anger. Sitting flush with many Deathwish Inc bands they make no attempt whatsoever to smooth off any of the rough edges, instead choosing filth and violence. Check out ‘Built On Graves’ to download below, because it’s bloody awesome.

They’re on tour over here next week – check their MySpace for details – so go see them.

Right-click and save-as to download Rise And Fall‘s ‘Built On Graves’here.