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Of Montreal, Interpol, Grinderman - This Week's New Albums Rated

By Laura Snapes

Posted on 13 Sep 10


Laura Snapes rounds up the key albums released in the UK on Monday 13 September. Read our reviews by clicking on the headlines

Of Montreal - 'False Priest'
Gaga might be hailed as the leading sexual provocateur of our time (well, unless you're called Camille Paglia and you underwent a humour lobotomy at birth), but she ain't got nothing on Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes - or rather his ego, Georgie Fruit - until the day when she starts singing lines like, "Wanna make you ejaculate 'til it's no longer fun", as Barnes did on 'Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?'

After the disappointing follow-up to that record, 'Skeletal Lamping', Alex Denney says the former Elephant Six artists are back on track with 'False Priest' - finding a balance between the unbridled psychological mania of 'Hissing Fauna...' and the constricting feel of 'Skeletal Lamping'.

Interpol - 'Interpol'
The days of 'Antics' and 'Turn On The Bright Lights' seem almost like a distant memory; formerly an urgent, brilliant black that's now faded a little grey. There are interesting moments on Interpol's fourth record, says Martin Robinson, but they've still not recaptured the incisiveness that made their first two albums so brilliant.

Grinderman - 'Grinderman 2'
Grinderman win the contest for the best lyric of 2010, reckons Luke Turner, with 'Worm Tamer''s "My baby calls me the Loch Ness monster/Two big humps and then I'm gone." Despite being well old enough to know better, those filthy Grindermen have delivered a victory in priapic garage blues on their second record. Phwoar.

Teengirl Fantasy - '7am'
Rather than floating along on a wave of chill as many of their hazy ilk do, reckons Sam Richards, Teengirl Fantasy instead look to the structures that house music built for their Merok debut.

Blonde Redhead - 'Penny Sparkle'
Over their nine albums, Blonde Redhead have morphed from Sonic Youth-soundalikes to a glittering example of how synths should be done, according to Hazel Sheffield, who judges 'Penny Sparkle' a triumph.

Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart'
The Canadian retro rockers return with their typical record, says Noel Gardner - one smasher amidst a cast of also-quite-good supporting tracks. Still good though.

The Vaselines - 'Sex With An X'
The Glaswegian cult band return, but coast on their smutty laurels for this fairly uninspiring, monotonous effort. Considering it was over 20 years in the making, says Jamie Crossan, it's a bit of a disappointment.

Afrirampo - 'We Are Ucho No Ko'
Afrirampo were like one of those cute little poison dart frogs - so cute and colourful you'd like nothing better than to reach out and stroke one, but if you did, the resulting sting would kill you. This is their last album, and it's a cracker, laments Ash Dosanjh. On their break-up, Oni and Pika said, "If our mother of monster say "PLAY!PLAY!together!!", then we will play." Mother of monster, wherever you are, you know what to do.

El Guincho - 'Pop Negro'
The tropical rhythms and propulsive thwacks of El's second make 'Pop Negro' a hypnotic, enticing listen, according to Sam Rowe.

Junip - 'Fields'
Considering that we expected Jose Gonzalez' side project to be just an extension of his interminable blandery, says Emily Mackay, 'Fields' is a pleasantly beguiling surprise. Shame, then, that it doesn't take that interest and run with it; 'Fields' is a beige, purely pleasant listen.


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