On The Red Carpet At The EMAs

The 17th annual MTV EMA Awards took place in Madrid last night and we were there – among News Of The World, Closer, the Mirror and various European publications we’d never heard of – on the purple carpet hustling for a few seconds with the incoming celebs. And what was most striking was the sheer range of attitudes to talking to us all.

At one end of the spectrum you had hostess Eva Longoria, who worked the hardest, talking to everyone from MTV themselves to Bilbao Entertainments Weekly and Yo! Smash Music Gotenburg (and she also had to fly straight out to film Desperate Housewives after the ceremony, which is appparently a strict 9-5 thing). She held forth on her love of Eminem and how he inspired her recent rap.

At the other, Katy Perry (dressed as a cinema ticket) and Russell Brand, who strode past us all (better than Linkin Park, who shirked away from the entire thing).

Then you had Dizzee, who was really rude and just lied through his interview, insisting he’s not into the X Factor despite tweeting about it last week. Maybe he was bummed his Shakira “collaboration” was limited to about twenty seconds. Either way, his video went in the bin.

Johnny Knoxville was somewhat more accomodating, although he wasn’t really in to talking about the catastrophic US election results (perhaps not the best question to ask someone famous for stapling his balls to things at the start of a party).

What else did we learn? Well Vampire Weekend are big fans of Jersey Shore, and freely admit it.

Plan B is working on the final stages of production for his forthcoming movie Ill Manors and sees Jonathan Ross as the major turning point in his career.

Kesha was somewhat more coherent than at the NME Awards, and didn’t think she was going to win.

Finally, Slash had the best fashion sense of anyone there, even if his lady friend did ban the poor guy from speaking to anyone.

Watch the MTV EMAs on Tuesday 9th November at 11am and 8pm and Wednesday 10th at 11pm. Check the MTV EMA website for more.