On The Road (And In The Studio) With Biffy Clyro – Video

NME hearts Biffy Clyro. We just gave them a massive cover feature. And Biffy Clyro, it seems, love us back.

They just sent us a load of video clips from their escapades out in LA, which reveal a lot about the band, from their favourite driving tunes to the odd sounds they make in the rehearsal room…

NME’s James McMahon was out with them a while ago for the cover feature and also learned many things, most notably that they’re suckers for Shania Twain. The full blog (with videos of the band) is here.

For more on Biffy grab this week’s NME, which also has an exclusive interview with The Mars Volta in Mexico and the first verdict on the new Muse album.

But it’s mostly full of the Best Scottish Rock Band With Three Different Colours Of Hair (so says Simon Neil). If you don’t believe us hear it here from the singing horses’ mouths: