Peter Doherty Discusses Libertines Reunion (And Calls Marianne Faithfull ‘Despicable’) On NME Radio

So, excitment was building all day today as we awaited for Peter Doherty to arrive at NME Radio. Would he show? Would he be late? Would he confirm those rumours of a Libertines reunion which he let slip to Neil Cole when he grabbed Pete and Carl for their only joint interview after last week’s NME Awards?

Peter D

Well, first up – Pete’s on time. Actually, scrub that – he’s early! Twenty minutes early, to be precise. He saunters into the studios, still wearing the rather dapper hat he was sporting at the awards, and is keen to get the interview under way.

You’ll have to listen to Neil’s show on NME Radio tomorrow for the entire thing, but I can reveal that the subject of the Libertines reunion WAS discussed (of course) and… well, it looks like it’s on.

The interview covered a wide range of topics – and pulled no punches. By far the most intense moment came when Pete was shown a copy of this week’s NME, and reacted to Marianne Faithfull saying that Pete had done smack “…to get attention and make him feel special”.

Pete’s reaction seemed saddened, angry and exasperated, and his response was equally forthright, calling Marianne Faithfull “a despicable old hag”, and denying that heroin use was all about attention, rather that it was all about hiding away.

Amazing stuff – make sure you catch the whole thing with Neil tomorrow on NME Radio.