Peter Robinson Vs Lady Sovereign

This interview ran in the mag ages ago. You can tell it’s old, because there’s a question about Myspace.

Anyway, since Sov’s on the telly now, starring in Celebrity Big Brother, we thought we’d post it online as a reminder of a happier time, before she started self-harming, and was forced to to spend the night with Basshunter for the nation’s viewing please.

Hello, Lady Sovereign. You are in a hotel. How’s Room 11?

Room 11 is shit.

Is it a shit room in a good hotel or an average room in a shit hotel?

It’s the Phoenix in San Franscisco – it’s quite a rock star kind of hotel. There’s nothing to it.

All rock star hotels are rubbish!

Thre’s just nothing to do in here. No room service, no bar. Rubbish! Especially now I’m 21, it’s a luxury being able to drink over here legitimately. I can just show my ID and go, ‘shut up’. I still get IDed for everything – even boxes of matches! The UK’s even worse! I’m blessed with a youthful face, you see, I can’t really complain.

How many of your 140,000 MySpace friends have you met?

About 139,000. A hell of a lot. At shows I don’t hide from my fans – I get them back on the bus, get them to the afterparty…

What happens at a Lady Sovereign afterparty?

Not much, I tend to just sit there. I don’t dance or anything. But everyone gets wasted. That’s pretty much the same as any afterparty, isn’t it?

Have there been any amusing popstar ‘beefs’ in America yet, for example with an American Jentina?

Yes but I won’t talk about it just because… Basically some idiot started calling me every name under the Sun and then started calling Jay-Z’s mum a lesbian! She was coming out with the most amount of bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life! She was just jealous Jay-Z signed me instead of her. Silly twat.

Did Jay-Z go round showing you off to people when he signed you?

I just walked in there with him, freestyled a bit, that was it.

Is he hands off now?


I mean professionally, not in the pervy sense. Obviously.

Well OBVIOUSLY. It’s whatever, to be honest.

When did you last feel guilty about something?

Erm… (Giggles) Erm… Dirty dancing with my tour manager! Grinding!

Oh dear, were there ‘legs between legs’?

Er… It was a belated 21st and we were in Vegas. I don’t dance, you see. And I was dancing all night, grinding it out with my tour manager…

When did you last not feel guilty for something you should have felt guilty for?

Well I’ve just picked up this new title in San Fransisco for being a ‘granny dissing brat’. I kind of… Well, I didn’t diss this guy’s gran, but he took it as if I did. I didn’t fully diss her. I just said, ‘Oh, your gran probably paid for that…’

For what?

This guy raised $10,000 to take me out on a date. You know… He magically got the money overnight, so I said that I bet his rich granny paid for it.

Do you often charge for your company, Lady Sovereign?

Er, no I don’t. He wanted to take me on a yacht and wine and dine me so I thought, ‘wahey, alright then’.

Was it at least for charity?

Well, sort of, in that if he hadn’t raised the $10,000 the money he did raise would have gone to a charity of my choice. So in a way, yes. It would have been better if he didn’t raise the money because it wasn’t that great.

Was he Robert Redford?

No he wasn’t.

When are you going to be too old to be a popstar?

I don’t know. Do you know what?


I don’t know.


I mean I could pull off the whole Jimmy Savile look when I’m old – the whole gold chains and tracksuit look. The problem is that I don’t want people to see me all withered, and I’m bound to shrink then I’m older too. I’ll be like a little thimble!

What do you imagine Heaven to be like, Lady Sovereign?


Does it exist?

(Thoughtful pause) I don’t think about things like that, I really don’t.

I’m asking you to now.

I do believe in ghosts, though.

400 years ago if you said you didn’t think about Heaven but did believe in ghosts you’d be burned at the stake as a WITCH.

I just think… I mean Heaven is like a world somewhere where you’re not acknowledged… Er… Well, you know. I’m not going to comment on religion!

Do you have a message for NME readers?

Yes – and I’m going to say it again – I am not a bloody novelty act and stop treating me like one. But NME readers are quite clued up, aren’t they? So in that case – new material is coming, so keep your pants on. I’m going into the studio in the next couple of weeks but you won’t hear it for a while.

Who are you working with on the new stuff?

Um… I will keep most of it to myself. But I’m going to take it back to basics a bit. If you can make good music you can make good music, you don’t have to pay a fortune for it.

They like their big names in America, though…

Yes, they do. But I’m going to run off and work with Akon! (Laughs)