Peter Robinson’s Pop Round-Up

Popjustice’s Peter Robinson prods pop’s supple underbelly

If you’re wondering about where the next Britney might come from, and I know many of you think of little else, right now you’d be safe putting money on LA-based singer Gerina Di Marco, who pops up warbling a Cathy Dennis-penned song on the new Mark Ronson album but has some pretty impressive tunes of her own.

‘911’, recently added to her MySpace, hints at all-conquering greatness while ‘Liar, Liar’ echoes the dignified but aggressive production sound that made Britney’s own ‘Blackout’ album so special.

The tidal wave of Justin Biebalikes, meanwhile, is yet to materialise, and there’s no news yet from that pianist whose version of ‘Paparazzi’ has currently been watched 28 million times on YouTube. Fear not.

In Australia they have Cody Simpson, a 13-year-old whose debut single ‘iYiYi’ straddles the genius/horror divide with refreshing abandon. His single – like many by artists with 20 grand cash to spare – features a spot from Flo Rida.

In London a duo called Bim have put together ‘Scatterheart’, an album of rather charismatic, romantic DIY pop music. They’re making tracks available one by one at their website,, which is well worth bookmarking.

The final face to keep an eye on is Ed Drewett, whose vocals appeared on the Professor Green ‘I Need You Tonight’ single and whose songwriting fuels the great debut release by borderline hopeless boyband The Wanted.

Drewett recently signed his own deal and the first single is called ‘Champagne Lemonade’. It was produced by ex-Xenomania producer and musician Tim Powell and it’s basically very good.

Peter’s Top 5
1. Gerina Di Marco – ‘Liar, Liar’
2. Gerina DI Marco – ‘911’
3. Cody Simpson – ‘iYiYi’
4. Ed Drewett – ‘Champagne Lemonade’
5. BIM – ‘Scatterheart’

This article originally appeared in the August 7 issue of NME

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