Peter Serafinowicz's Music Videos Of 2012

The comedian, actor and video director on the year's best promos

[subhead number="1"]Psy - 'Gangnam Style'[/subhead]
This is the greatest music video of all time and may never be bettered. It’s perfect and I will never tire of watching it. South Korean pop star Psy wrote the
song, directed the video and even choreographed it. He’s a genius!

Directed by: Psy

YouTube views (all at time of writing): 930,096,039


[subhead number="2"]Dena - 'Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools'[/subhead]
A great track with a video that owes a lot to MIA, but is definitely its own thing. I love that the video is set in a spirit-crushingly dull east European market.

Directed by: Bontchev & Burchardi

YouTube views: 408,713


[subhead number="3"]LV And Okmalumkoolkat - 'Sebenza'[/subhead]
LV are amazing producers and this vid featuring Okmalumkoolkat is a window into some strange Johannesburg stock-car racing subculture. Not the flashiest video ever, but it stands repeated views.

Directed by: Chris Saunders

YouTube views: 88,502


[subhead number="4"]Justice - 'New Lands'[/subhead]
I’ve no idea how they made this masterpiece – especially knowing the limited budgets music videos usually get. It’s like a feature film about a futuristic sport which is a hybrid of American football, motorcycling and hockey, with robots and sinister old men thrown in too. Astonishing.

Directed by: Canada

YouTube views: 478,004


[subhead number="5"]The Death Set - 'They Comes To Get Us'[/subhead]
This was made for practically nothing and is full of brilliant ideas and images. It obviously took some poor guy weeks in front of an ageing PC. I love it.

Directed by: Guillaume Panariello

YouTube views: 221,308


[subhead number="6"]Woodkid - 'Run Boy Run'[/subhead]
Woodkid makes his own videos and does all the special effects himself. He’s incredible. The song is unlike anything I’ve heard, and the video, which is basically a kid running with an army of monsters, is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

Directed by: Yoann Lemoine

YouTube views: 3,150,776


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