Plus One – Funnier Than ‘You’ve Been Framed’?

There are lots of things I find funny. Animals on unicycles, the new Cadbury’s commercial, Woody Allen films… but I’m not that crazy about the age-old comic device of human misfortune. It’s why I spent my childhood shouting “fucker” at Jeremy Beadle whenever ‘You’ve Been Framed’ was on the telly. I mean, how funny can a toddler drowning in a fish pond actually be? Wait… don’t answer that you sick fucks.

With all that in mind, I’m surprised by how much I’ve been enjoying Channel 4’s new, five-part-long Friday night comedy ‘Plus One’, in which bad things happening to a good person is the common theme running through each episode. Sure, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with the show if it hadn’t been screened in the half-hour between ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and the later eviction, but it’s been sufficiently entertaining to keep me coming back, even though Coolio is no longer on the telly and the Great British public have proved themselves to be idiots by voting for Ulrika. But I digress…

The show revolves around the character Rob Black (one of my favourite British actors Daniel Mays), who, upon being invited to the wedding of his ex-girlfriend (Miranda Raison) and ‘Duncan from Blue’ (played by Duncan from Blue) – tries to find a beautiful/famous/normally beautiful plus one to the wedding that will make his ex jealous and ease his inferiority complex surrounding her saint like new bloke – with hilarious consequences!

Okay, so it’s hardly ‘The West Wing’, and there’s been times watching the show where I have thought “I have an MA. I’ve read the entire works of Foucault. Should I be finding a man getting beaten up by a tramp funny?”

But some of the gags do hit the bull’s-eye. Mays is incredibly entertaining to watch, ‘Duncan from Blue’ proves himself to be a good sport sending himself up every week, and the weekly guest stars (Jamelia, Lisa Snowdon, Sophie Winkleman – who plays Big Suze in ‘Peep Show’) help keep things fresh. Not only that, but – spoiler alert! – I could watch Duncan from Blue get stabbed in the cock forever.

Hmmm. Maybe there is hope for me and ‘You’ve Been Framed’ after all…