Pulp To Reform – What’s Your Dream Setlist?

Rejoice – Pulp have reformed to play festival dates this summer, including London’s Wireless on July 3. This means many of us will get the chance to don chunky specs and do the scissor-fingers-over-one-eye dance to the likes of ‘Lipgloss’, ‘Babies’ and (their finest hour in my opinion) ‘Pink Glove’.

Now, a sourpuss might point out that we all had the chance to do that back in 2002, and not many of us did. That’s why they split up. But the wheel of nostalgia has turned, and eight years on Pulp are now festival headliner material once more.

Pulp reunited – a photo tribute

On a dismal Monday, that’s something to look forward to (though Pulp fans outside London might be forgiven for not joining in the hoopla). Wisely, Jarvis Cocker has avoided playing any Pulp songs on his recent solo tours, thus ensuring demand for this comeback remains high.

And there’s no shortage of demand for ’90s reunions. Only the other day I was raving about one 90s songwriter, Brett Anderson, who quarried the hidden romance and darkness in British suburbia.

Jarvis Cocker is another. And you’d have to be a real grouch not to be excited by the prospect of hearing these songs live once more.

But what should they play? Obviously the biggest hits were from ‘His’n’Hers’ and ‘A Different Class’, but there are plenty of gems from both before and after that period, such as ‘My Legendary Girlfriend’ (from 1992’s ‘Separations’), and the anthemic ‘The Trees’ (from their 2001 swansong ‘We Love Life’). Share your ultimate setlist below.

In the meantime, we’ve put together a Pulp playlist, which you can stream via this We7 widget.

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