Born Blonde

"We make anti-recession music.” These are the words of Arthur Delaney, Born Blonde leader and singer, and owner of the kind of intense stare that makes you take what he says seriously. He continues: “These are fucked-up, weird times. You go out, and everyone’s partying hard, but it doesn’t feel like they’re hedonistically celebrating. They’re all trying to get away from life. And our music is something you can disappear inside of.”

Born Blonde are aiming to do this through Big Music: taster track ‘Solar’ exhibits the same grandiose majesty as ‘A Storm In Heaven’-era Verve, but with structured, melodic songs as much of a focus as sonics. Arthur started out as a singer-songwriter, releasing a single on Young & Lost Club in 2009 under his own name – before getting royally pissed off with the whole solo schtick. Somewhat randomly – and bear with us here – it took the man responsible for The Kooks to kickstart the next stage in his story.

“I was doing a little acoustic show in Carnaby Street and their manager was there,” he explains. “He asked if I wanted to support them solo for a couple of shows, but I just thought, ‘Fuck it, it’s time to start anew here.’”
So begins Born Blonde’s journey. Following a hectic six weeks rehearsing for those fateful first gigs, notorious lunatic (and Oasis/Verve producer) Owen Morris came calling. “It was a joy being with him,” Arthur says. “He’s fucking crazy. He took us somewhere pretty mad.”

Ultimately, though, the Morris sessions didn’t do the business. “I think we had to go there to get to the place we’re at now,” says bassist and co-songwriter Josh. That place is having recorded – with Arctic Monkeys/Kasabian studio cohort Simon ‘Barny’ Barnicott – a full album of ambitious space-rock-with-soul. It’s due out later this year. “We want to trip people out and give them a place to retreat into, but also make them want to party wildly,” says Josh. Born Blonde stand a good chance of succeeding in this. A very good chance.

Hamish MacBain

Need To Know:

From: West London

For fans of: The Verve, My Bloody Valentine

Next release: New single ‘Solar’ out July 11;

Next gig: Balearic Shed, London (July 15)

Believe it or not: Guitarist Fraser MacColl is the cousin of Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jamie, and part of the MacColl folk lineage.

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