Radiohead Drummer Phil Selway Turns Troubadour

Ever since The Beatles decided to “let Ringo have a bash”, the prospect of drummers taking centre-stage has rarely been an enticing one.

However, the first commandment of rock – sticksmen shall never sing – has been eroded of late. First Razorlight’s Andy Borrows released a solo album that, miraculously, wasn’t an embarrassment for all concerned.

And now it turns out that Radiohead’s Phil Selway is an accomplished singer-songwriter, possessed of a placid, Nick Drake-esque singing voice.

Presumably the fuzzy Youtube footage below represents the first fruits from the forthcoming ‘7 Worlds Collide’ album, which is due for release in 2009, with proceeds going to Oxfam.

The loose collective, spearheaded by Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien and Johnny Marr, among others, were last active in 2001- but some of them, including Selway and Jeff Tweedy, got together for a live in show in Auckland recently, which is where this footage comes from.