Rage Against The Machine's curtailed live performance on Five Live this morning served as a reminder of what an explosive live band they've always been.

It inspired us to put together this compilation of their greatest live moments. Share your own RATM memories by posting a comment below.

'Sleep Now In The Fire', Hultsfred, 2000
Tom Morello's most vicious, spring-loaded riff, unleashed before a seething crowd of up-for-it Swedes.

'Guerrilla Radio', Reading 2000
I remember being in this crowd and it being utter carnage from start to finish – partly, perhaps, because we'd just endured the horror of Blink 182 on the Main Stage.

'Know Your Enemy', Mexico City, 1999
Rage have always had a passionate following in Mexico thanks to their links with the Zapatista movement – and that mutual love-in between band and fanbase was captured to thrilling effect on the no-frills 'Battle Of Mexico City' DVD.

'Bullet In The Head', BBC studio, 1993
Their second video, after their debut 'Killing In The Name', found them in an empty warehouse-cum-studio in New York, with Zach de la Rocha pacing the confined space like a caged tiger. Somehow the absence of a live audience only makes the performance more intense – especially the chugging riff build-up from 3.45. Amazing.

'Killing In The Name', Woodstock 1999
The festival was famously disastrous – a depressing corruption of the anti-establishment spirit contained in this song – but Rage were on fire all the same, in front of a 100,000-plus crowd. "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me!" has probably never been bellowed back by this many people.

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